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About Zippilicious - Our Story

The Spark that got us Started…

Back in 2019, I saw my partner (who’s a total fitness fanatic) eating a locally made Protein Bar. When looking at the bar- I could see it was caked in unidentified, glazed toppings. I was afraid to read the ingredients, but I did it anyway. It was even worse than what I thought! This little bar had over 15 ingredients (how the heck can a little bar have that much in it?!). Most of the ingredients were sugars & unhealthy junk. There was even Corn Flakes Cereal in there! The bar was an unnatural, processed abomination.

I knew I could do much better than this, so I took matters into my own hands. I started by conceptualizing what I was after- a pure, natural & unsweetened snack with nothing bad in it whatsoever. No junk at all.

I assembled my ingredients: whole Dates, unsalted Nuts, roasted Pumpkin & Sesame Seeds along with some Whey Protein Powder for that extra boost. The first batch was a bit of a disaster but after many trials, I finally nailed it… an everyday guilt-free snack that’s 100% nutritious AND great-tasting! Zippilicious Whey Protein Balls were born.

View our delicious Whey Protein Brownie Balls, Whey Protein Superseed Balls & Vegan Cranberry Balls

Protein Balls with added Whey - shipped throughout Thailand
The first Zippilcious food born from my home kitchen. These remain wildly popular today as a guilt-free snack or meal replacement.

 Nut Butters added to the Mix…

My next idea was to make the highest quality & widest variety of Nut Butters Thailand had ever seen. In my research I quickly found out that not all Nut Butters are created equal. Most commercial brands are labelled as all-Natural but there’s often more than meets the eye. Despite the labelling, many of them contain salt, sugar, seed oils or other fillers such as emulsifiers (a harmful chemical additive). NOT OURS. We use sustainably-farmed, premium Nuts that we slow-roast to perfection in our own kitchen. It makes for a healthier, denser & tastier spread. 

View our Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, Cashew Nut Butter, Hazelnut Butter & Macadamia Nut Butter

Nut Butters - Almond, Peanut, Cashew, Macadamia, Hazelnut - Shipped throughout Thailand
Our variety of premium, all-Natural, 1-ingredient Nut Butters are made with love in our Kitchen and unique in both texture and taste.

From Hobby to Business…

At first, I made this food for just myself and my partner. One day, he was eating my Whey Protein Balls at his local gym. The owner of the gym spotted them and asked to have a taste. He loved them! Next thing: he requested a batch to sell at the Gym Cafe (a cool, hip place full of fitness fanatics). They were an instant hit… and things took off from there as word spread throughout Chiang Mai. I soon got requests from local restaurants, grocery stores, boutique coffee shops & artisanal stores. Suddenly, before I knew what hit me, my small homemade food project turned into a business!

Zippilicious Product StandZippy in her booth - Nut Butters and Protein Balls displayed

The Store…

As a next step, I took the plunge into something I’d always dreamed of doing - opening my own store! What can I say, I’m into decor :). I found a peaceful, attractive space in the heart of the historical Wat Umong district of Chiang Mai and went about putting my heart & soul into decorating it my unique way. If you’re in the area, drop by and see for yourself. Our decor’s often been described as I am: Fun, Funny & Quirky!


Zippilicious Store Gift Basket
Come on by and crack a smile or 2.

We’re 100% PLASTIC-FREE!

I’m really, really proud of this one.

Environmental sustainability has always been important for me. Thailand is amazingly beautiful Country, but we have a BIG plastic pollution problem. Simply said, there is WAY too much plastic everywhere (in our Oceans, on our Beaches and littering our beautiful Forests). Small shops & corner stores distribute an immense amount of plastic, even when it’s not asked for (*cough* nobody asked for those 2 straws and 2 plastic bags!)

Sadly, much of these plastics seep into our environment & never biodegrade. They’re there forever. This discarded trash has a negative effect on our wildlife (such as sea Turtles eating plasic bags, mistaking them for jellyfish) and eventually make their way into our own food sources (i.e. plastic found in the fish we eat).

I thought long and hard.. what could I as one-person only even do about giant problem? Thankfully, one day, a light-bulb went off.. What if I could set an example for other small businesses in Thailand and become a 100% Plastic-Free? At the very least, I’d be doing my small part and at best, my example could spread to others!

So, I went for it…And it wasn’t easy. Plastic is everywhere, cheap and plentiful. Sustainable, biodegradeable materials that ensure food stays fresh are much harder to find and more expensive to source. For awhile it felt like mission impossible… But I wasn’t going to quit! After some time and what seemed like endless trial and error, I found plastic-free sustainable materials for every aspect of Zippilicious. I pulled it off! Today, we’re officially 100% Plastic-FREE! Wohoo!

Plastic Free Zone Sign ZippiliciousRecycling at the Zippilicious store
No Plastics allowed, at all!

Pet Lovers Unite…

We have a little Yorkshire Terrier, her name is “Gin”. She’s smart as a whip and has more character than an egotistical Hollywood star. We love her and treat her like royalty... that includes her food. Over the counter Pet Food and Treats are so full of preservatives & junk - they’re borderline toxic. Naturally, I decided to make my own human-grade dog food and treats made of pure Chicken, Liver and other wholesome ingredients that are good for them. Feeding Pets “real” food means a longer life for them - something us dog-lovers all want :).

View our Pet Food & Treats

Gin was my inspiration to make Natural, Human-Grade Pet Food
If it’s good enough for little Gin, it’s good enough for your Pet

With much Love,
"Chief Nutmaster”