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Peanut Butter

115.00 ฿ THB

Think you’ve tried the best? You’re about to discover a peanut butter that will rock your world (along with your banana pancakes, toast, and scrambled egg sandwiches if you’re into that sort of thing).

Zippilicious Peanut Butter tastes like nothing other than the BEST peanuts, thanks to our not-so-secret ingredient (pssst: it’s peanuts!)

We’re not about puny peanuts though, we choose those big, bulbous, meatier-than-thou peanuts that are packed with fatty acids and all kinds of good-for-you nutrients.

You won’t taste salt, guar gum-ness, hydrogenated oil, or other sketchy stuff because it doesn’t contain such unnecessary ingredients (not like other brands).

Just peanuts & nothing else!

1 tablespoon (or 1 healthy mouthful) = 6.7 grams of protein (hot damn!) and 2.5 grams of fibre (for a happy belly). 

Hand-picked in our own kitchen to achieve full peanuty flavor.

By the spoonful? We commend you! Or smear this super snack on a hot buttery croissant, your morning pancakes, celery chutes, or take your favorite fruits & veggies for a nutrient-rich dip.

Pairings (Zippilicious Recommendation):
Peanut Butter dip with Super Seed Whey Protein Balls

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
The best peanut butter I have ever tried - and I've tried a lot.

I bought a jar of this peanut butter direct from Zippy at a Saturday Market in Chiang Mai. Superb! I often struggle to find PB without emulsifiers when I'm travelling and so this fabulous, one-ingredient product was perfect. It's the best PB I have ever tried, I'm gong back soon to stock up. Very highly recommended.


Natural, Tasty, Locally made.. what can I say, the BEST peanut butter in Thailand

Mehran Kamari

Ordered this along with the almond butter for my first order. Great taste and I can tell it's good quality. As I mentioned in my other review on the almond butter, I eat nut butters every day and these are both amazing.

Thank you!

Thank you very much. Hope the nut butters've made your days like your reviews made mine.

Stay healthy and safe,

Nut Master

Best Peanut Butter ive tasted

My first review on this Peanut Butter but experience was amazing and I need to share! First of all very careful packing and when you open the box!!! It’s pure love! Everything packed separately with cutest stickers! And yes it taste amazing!! wow! Super quality.

Bernadett K.
Pure and natural, no junk added

High-quality product, it's defintely another level of peanut butter than the ones you find at the stores. Tasty with an excellent texture, be careful - it's addictive. Nice packaging with a free sample of almond butter.

Philippe B.
Fresh, natural Peanut Butter - I'm sold

It taste like that Peanut Butter SHOULD taste like. Fresh with taste of roasted peanuts and without any added junk like salt or sugar.. love it and will keep ordering

Gerval J.
Fast shipping, wow!

received it very fast and it's very delicious

Recommended Highly

Great packaging, thoughtful labeling, good font, great colors, good taste - recommended

Richard M.
Peanut Butter is Pure and Taste Authentic!

Peanut Butter is Pure and Taste Authentic! I order a lot of Peanut Butter in Thailand and have finally found one that tastes super fresh & authentic. No sugar, sweetener or other garbage added, and I can taste the difference. It’s fresh like it was made hours ago (probably because it has). I eat this Nut Butter with with apples and put it in some of my shakes for some extra taste. Superb! Thanks Zippilicious!

Zachary J.
1-ingredient and best taste, Brave Zippilicious

Good find! One-ingredient peanut butter is very difficult to find. Most commercial peanut butter contain at least peanuts and salt — and of ten times a slew of other ingredients. This Zippilicious is just peanuts and nothing else!