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There Are Good Fats & Bad Fats

June 06, 2021

Can eating peanut butter help me lose weight? Are good fats only in fish oil? How can I get more omegas in my diet? Your good-fat-bad-fat questions answered

Nuts contain a lot of fat. So do seeds by the way. And people are scared of fat. People think fat makes them fat. But what years of research has revealed is that the right kind of fat, aka the good fat, can actually help moderate body weight.


And my nut butters, being 100% only nuts, and my energy balls, being made with selectively-sourced nuts and seeds, are chock-full of good fats.


That’s right, eating my nut butters and fat-bomb balls can actually help you slide effortlessly into those jeans you threw to the back of the closet last month.


Wait a minute: are you saying that eating peanut butter can help me lose weight?


Yup. Dang diddly skippity.


But here’s the head-scratcher: the right fat can also improve your workout performance, which is to say it can improve your bench weight, which is to say it can help you bulk up. That’s great news for the peeps who want to gain the right kind of weight.


How does all of that work? And what is the right, good fat anyways?


The OH-mega

Omega 3 fatty acids have major body and brain benefits. There are tons, and I mean TONS of research on the advantages of making omega 3s a regular part of your diet. They help alleviate depression and improve eye health. They fight inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and even age-related mental decline. And they’re super critical for brain health and mental acuity. The list goes on.


You may have heard of the keto diet (if you haven’t, I urge you to get out more). The keto diet is all about boosting the good fats in your diet so that your body uses fat as an energy source, a state called ketosis.


When your body is in ketosis, it can burn stored fat both in the liver and the muscles, helping reduce your overall body fat percentage and igniting a more efficient fat-burning, energy producing mechanism in your body.


That’s right - eating good fats help you become a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!


And it’s not just fish oil, people. Nuts and seeds are good sources of omega 3s too.


When I discovered that walnuts are one of the best plant-based sources of omega-3 fatty acids, I was so pleased. I LOVE walnuts. I love them so much I sell 100% bare naked walnuts (when you love something this much, bare naked is how you prefer it, no?).


And here’s an interesting tidbit of info by the way: how do you know that walnuts are exceptionally beneficial for brain health? They look like a brain! That’s a little insight from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Doctrine of Signatures, wink, wink.


But back to fat. Some omega 3s (and 6s and 9s) are what we call the good fat. And when we’re getting the right dose of it in a healthy diet, it serves the whole body, not just our weight loss goals.


However, there’s a sneaky and insidious bad fat out there called trans fat, which has been outlawed in America, but remains a big part of the fast-food junkie’s diet in other nations. And it’s not just trans fat. Hydrogenated fats are chemically manufactured fats added to food to prolong shelf life and reduce food production costs. The stuff will kill you if you eat enough of it.


My MO is just eat fresh, wholesome, natural foods within a few days and replenish them as necessary. Does that just make more sense all around?


If you’re looking for a good omega boost, try my protein balls variety pack: chocolate brownie and super seed. Both contain whey protein isolate, and a super duper dose of omega fatty acids, thanks to the nuts n’ seeds.


You’re welcome ;)




Nut Master

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