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Plastic Free Zone at Zippilicious

August 26, 2022

Plastic Free Zone at Zippilicious

At Zippilicious there is no single-use plastic. We may be just a small business, but are doing our part and hope others can follow our example. Using plastic would be much easier and cheaper (figuring out good sustainable packaging was a harder problem than we imagined!), however we believe going 0-plastic is the right thing to do.

“Never too small, to make a difference”

Our smoothies and cold-pressed juices are served in glass containers. For product labeling (ingredients listing), we have created paper tags hanging on the neck of glass bottles instead of stickers. These tags can be removed easily without wasting water or time rubbing the stickers off. We encourage our customers to re-use the glass jars. And the tags can also be re-used as bookmarks! 

Zippilicious Plastic Free Cold-pressed juice Packaging

Our Popsicles and Protein Energy Balls are packaged in paper, with paper labels.


We encourage customers not to use straws however paper straws are available upon request. The overuse of straws is a big problem. It creates an immense amount of plastic waste, which even ends up harming sea Turtle that mistakingly swallow them. We can do better!

Zippilicious Save Turtles Paper straws

We ship nation-wide and all online orders are packed using Honeycomb Paper instead of plastic bubble wrap. Boxes are also sealed using Gummed Paper Tape instead of plastic tapes.


Not only all our packaging is non-plastic but also we separate the waste we create. Food waste (which we hope you get very little of!) is collected Suthep Subdistrict-Municipal Office and used for compost.

Zippilicious Garbage separation - no plastic is fantastic

“Cheers to better habits, positive thinking, clean eating and most of all loving yourself.”

Zippilicious Environmentally Friendly Wooden Signage - love the earth



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