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Almond Butter: Spreadable, Edible Skin Care?

May 16, 2021

Almond Butter For Better Skin - No Nuts About It

Rich and creamy, wrapped around a spoon, a majestic dollop upon a crisp wafer, scooped up with a snappy apple slice, or a generous blob coating a square of dark chocolate. Almond butter rocks.

Personally, I eat almond butter by the spoonful. My friend puts a tablespoon in her morning fruit and yogurt. Another friend warms it up and drizzles it on popcorn (hot damn!). Yet another friend slathers it on her face.

Wait a sec––on her face? Why would anyone put almond butter on their face?!

I have slightly nutty friends, if you catch my drift. If you’re puzzled, let’s hold on for a moment and take a quick look at what almonds––and almond butter––actually are before we dig into nutty skin care.


A Myth About Almonds

Almonds are a slightly luxurious drupe given what it takes to procure them.

For those of you who still think an almond is a type of nut? No shame. I didn’t actually know either until I started writing this.

Truth be told, the fruit of the almond surrounds a seed, which is the part we eat. Together with a hull and hard shell, they comprise what’s known as a drupe, literally “stone-fruit.” 

Now I’m going to poke another hole in another misnomer: Almond butter isn’t actually butter.

That is, almond butter doesn’t contain butter, not in any case. Many almond butters have lots of other crap like palm oil and stabilizers and gunk I can’t pronounce, but not butter. Indeed, butter would be a fine replacement for those unnecessary additives!

It’s called almond butter because its consistency resembles the luscious, creamy, addictive quality that freshly churned butter does. Except in my books, almond butter is far superior to butter. Most especially because you can put it on your face!

Almond Butter For Better Skin - No Nuts About It 

Want to exfoliate dead skin cells and feed your pores some extra nutrients? Why not slather 100% natural almond butter on your face? It also relieves dry skin and minor skin irritations due to its high vitamin E content.

Vitamin E is an incredibly important nutrient for the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is packed with skin-saving antioxidants. It also helps reduce UV damage to the skin as an effect of sun exposure (1). As you’re probably aware being on the lookout for good quality skin care products your whole life long, vitamin E infused face serums cost a fortune!

Don’t you love discovering that our kitchen cupboards contain these skin saviours?!

A mere 100 grams of almonds contain 26 mg of vitamin E, which is about 170% of the average daily recommended intake. Boom! So, while you’ll want to avoid putting it in your eyes (even though it’s good for preventing macular degeneration too), you may want to deliberately eat some while you’re slathering it on your face. Indeed, it might be the best tasting skin care product you’ve ever met!

I make almond butter specifically for my face. I keep a jar in the fridge for my morning toast and a jar for my twice-weekly mask. I don’t market Zippilicious products as skin care products. Rather, they’re for anyone who enjoys clean-fat, protein-rich snacks, especially weight trainers and keto diet-ers. But what I often find with healthy, natural food products is that they have a variety of uses for the body. Almond butter being case-in-point.

Choose wisely though. I DO NOT recommend slathering your face with Skippy peanut butter or any commercially-produced brand of nut butter spread (I do recommend that for removing bubble gum from your child’s hair though!). Instead, select one that is made with almonds and ONLY almonds.

Check out my 200 gram servings of pure almond butter made with 100% natural California-grown almonds. Whether you choose to eat it or mask it up is your choice, and there are benefits to both - no nuts about it.




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