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Nut Butter Variety Pack

1,500.00 ฿ THB

Good things hide out in small jars. Ever noticed that? 

The problem is choice. Too few options makes us desperate for more. Too many options carries the risk making the wrong choice. Don’t be that guy––or gal.

If you simply can’t choose which nut butter you want to try, go nuts and try them all!

(The moral here is never settle for one when you can have all of them).

The Zippilicious Nut Butter Variety Pack includes a jar of each lip-smacking delight:

* Almond Butter
* Peanut Butter
* Hazelnut Butter
* Macadamia Nut Butter
* Cashew Nut Butter

Sample them decide which one you like best. Consider it investigative gastronomy. If you discover there is one you like more than the rest, then your work has paid off! 

And it’s completely Giftable, so show that person how much you love them with a healthy and satisfying snack pack. Zippilicious will ship it right to their door.

So go nuts, try them all and pick your favourites.

Customer Reviews

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Tried them all and so glad I did!

I couldn't decide which Nut Butter to try.. I usually like Almond Butter but why not try them all? SO I ordered this variety Nit Butter Pack from Zippilicious and am I ever glad I did! It showed up at my door incredibly the next day (I live in Bangkok). The packaging was cute and enviro-friendly. Out of the 4.. I have a new winner, the Hazelnut Butter was incredible (but they were ALL good). So glad I found such a quality product here in Thailand and a reliable business in Zippilicious to deliver it regularly. Amazing.